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Geekup Blackpool 23/01/2012

New Year, new ideas!

Geekup Blackpool 23/01/12
Well ,it was all change at Geekup Blackpool this month.

With a reduced number of attendees, we decided to have an informal chat about communities in Blackpool. There was no audio recorded at this geekup.

It was quickly decided that Blackpool really has a lack of venues for events, places for groups to meet, and places that contain the equipment needed for various groups.

So what can we do about it?

Well at next months Geekup Blackpool we will have an open floor, a debate / discussion on what we can do to create this space, sustain it, and what services / facilities we can offer.

In the meantime, I ask that you take five minutes, and add your ideas to our Google Document

What can we do to make this a success?

Don’t forget it’s still not too late to fill in the co-working survey

Would you like a space to work with others? Collaborate, network, present ideas?

In other news

Lee aka @FY5 on Twitter brought along the smallest PC I have ever seen.
Geekup Blackpool 23/01/12
It’s called a cubox and it is an ARM based PC that can play 1080p video!

It costs €99 and is fantastic. It can run a variety of Linux operating systems (Ubuntu being the default, but it can also run Android) and is very conservative when it comes to power consumption.

Mmm I think I need one.

Thanks for coming!



January 16th – Geekup Blackpool head to Preston Geekup

It was a cold night in Preston, but the welcome was warm.

Preston Geekup 16/01/2012
Jon Chamberlain, Arran Gallagher and Les traveled to Geekup Preston, on a cold and dark January night. We had to walk through a dodgy park, but we were safe!

There were around 20 people there, and the chat was very geeky. Legend of Zelda maps, ARM based Linux devices and the upcoming Hack to the Future event. (Which by the way you need to read about, it’s epic!) A full day of workshops and talks for kids. It’s basically a barcamp for kids! I can’t wait to go and Blackpool LUG will be there also. I’ll be interviewing Alan on the Fullcircle podcast in the near future


I spoke to Jon Atkinson and Alex McGibbon about Hack Manchester, it’s a Hack Day, 24hrs, to hack a working product together! Wow! I think I’ll sign up 😀

I also spoke to Martin Ayrton and Tim Hastings about the cubox, an ARM based computer that can run Linux and Android, and output 1080p video!

What with this and the raspberrypi I may be skint!

I had a great night, and will definitely be going again.

Preston Geekup 16/01/2012

Preston Geekup 16/01/2012